RMC Pharma Scientists Inc., Singapore Specialized manufacturing unit located in the prominent place in Singapore with technically well equipped and ultra modern WHO GMP Certified Facility to manufacture Various broad spectrum Medicines , Therapeutic Supplements , Health Products and Dietary Supplements for itd vast range of multiple therapeutic and prophylatic use. RMC manufactures wide range of western , Non-western (Alternative / Complimentary)Medicines , Therapeutic supplements , Vitamins and Minerals Supplements and dietary supplements etc. We also do manufacture combined medicines , therapeutic supplements and nutritional products along with Allopathic (western ) and Alternative / Comlimentary (non- western )medicines , therapeutic Supplements and dietary supplements of having miraculous medicinal and supplementary efficacy and virtues. The QC & A department ensure a challenging competence in international standard in manufacturing our medicinal Supplements.
RMC's drugs and health supplements are based on the principal of three important systems of medicines , therapeutic supplements and dietary supplements viz. Wetsern , Non- western (Allopathic & Alternative / Complimentary )and combined medicines and supplements. RMC's medicines , therapeutic Supplements and dietary supplements are combination of various medicines and supplements , which are processed by various methods so as to render them effective even in smaller dosage. These medicines and supplements besides being efficacious and rapid in its medical and supplement action are without any reactions. RMC's medicines , Therapeutic Supplements and Dietary Supplements are exported globally upon the direct and On-line request of distributors , medical doctors for hospital and clinical purposes and for our patients.
RMC's main focus is to maintain a healthy top line growth as well as strengthing its national presence and capitalize on the generic opportunity in the develoed market. RMC exports their products and provides services globally . RMC's Online Global Export World Wide Shipping with best delivery services available. RMC's business is structured into ever so many Strategic Business Units (SBU) with a view to developing greater responsibility and accountability. The SBU's enable RGC to respond to changes in the industry with spend and sensitivity . Each of the SBU's operates as an independent entity just like a separate profit centre.
We do following committed challenging Services in medical and Pharmaceutical Industry.
*Company Incorporation anywhere in the world* Regulatory Affairs on Drugs, Therapeutic Supplements, Dietary Supplements and Medical & Surgical Devices *Business Intelligence and Outsourcing* Broad spectrum Avenues on Herbal Medicines and Therapeutic Supplements *Specialists' Treatments *Clinical Trails*Broad Spectrum Avenues on Nutritional Products (Designing of New Drug and Supplement Formulas upon request of clients)* Drugs and Supplements Formula*A-Z Regulatory Affairs and Associated Matters on Complimentary Drugs, Therapeutic and Dietary Supplements *Well- Equipped Screening Approved Laboratories*Comply with Regulatory Requirements of Ministries of Health of Respective Countries *Encyclopaedia of Approved Herbs (Non-Toxic Controlled Herbal Substances)*Labels, Packs and Inserts Review on Multilingual meeting Laws, Rules, Regulations and Guidelines of Respective Countries *Conducting Seminars and Conference*Scientific Web Design and Advertisement meeting Requirements of Ministries of Respective Countries* Round the Clock, 7 days Facility on Video Conferencing* Round the Clock-Global Online Service Contract Manufacturing of Drugs and Supplements* Supports and Co-ordinates Scientific and Pharma Regulatory Experts*Scientific, Medical and Pharmaceutical up to date monthly Journals and Magazines *Product Approvals, Imports, Exports, Re-Exports, Manufacturing Licenses* EU Regulatory Affairs and Licensing Providing Advanced and up to date Medical Advices on Diseases, Disorders, Dysfunctions and Ailments *Conducting Seminars*Advanced Medical and Pharmaceutical Scientific Data from Scientific Experts and Pharmaceutical Scientists etc* Trade Mark, Copy Right, Design Rights, Patents*Tie up with Overseas Corporate R&D Departments and their activities conjointly on laborious enterprising Scientific Ventures and Missions with WHO and UNESCO*
Royal Green Cross Pharmaceuticals (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore
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Royal Green Cross Pharmaceuticals (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore
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Royal Medical Consultancy (S) Inc., Singapore
RGC Medical Consultancy & Advanced Pharmaceuticals Inc. London, UK
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